Knowledge alone will not save the world, yet we cannot master the now-global challenges facing us with just the right morals. That is why dandelon.com works actively for the free exchange of in-depth knowledge and new ideas in Europe and beyond. The site is a personal, political project by Manfred Hauer and his company AGI-Information Management Consultants. For private users the site is free of charge and advertising and does not abuse user data. It has interfaces in nearly all European languages, Arabic, Chinese and content in some 150 languages. The site represents an international network of specialized and universal libraries that jointly develop and share production procedures and standards. Large parts of the collection are scattered across thousands of additional catalogues via library associations. We would welcome more specialized libraries, so as to enable work that is even more complete, cutting-edge, in-depth and interdisciplinary.
dandelon.com does many more things too. The content, primarily tables of contents digitized through our own intelligentCAPTURE process or acquired from publishers and automatically analyzed, open up a deeper perspective than conventional catalogues with a typically brief, abstract indexing method. Using translation technology the content can be made transparent even among different languages. Currently our automatic indexing supports 60 languages, as can readily be seen in the data of the Herder Institute and the UB St. Gallen. Instead of having a single specialized dictionary (thesaurus) defined as the norm, we use several such multilingual dictionaries simultaneously, so as to (we hope) better identify things that are the same, similar, or intended at the moment of research.

AGI – Information Management Consultants has been developing and operating dandelon.com since 2003 and is hosted by GBV. You can find out more about dandelon.com, at Wikipedia and www.agi-imc.de, manfred.hauer AT agi-imc.de, 06321 / 96 35 10