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List of institutional members (PDF) (as of January 25th 2016)


  1. Libraries, documentation centers, institutes, firms or other legal entities and individuals interested in the objective of the ASpB as defined in Article 2 of its statute can become members of the Association. Membership is established via written notification sent to the ASpB and confirmation by the executive board.
  2. Members are required to pay membership fees. The cash amount shall be recommended by the Executive and Advisory Boards and approved by the General Assembly. Details on membership fees can be found in the fee rules. The membership fee exclusively serves the Association’s continued existence and toward the Association’s purpose.
  3. Membership can be canceled with three month’s notice, taking effect at the end of a calendar year, submitted in writing to the Executive Board or its business office.
  4. The Executive Board reserves the right to expel members in case of statutory violations or harm to the reputation of the AspB.
  5. Members shall also seek simultaneous membership in the dbv.

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