The Library of the Berlin Social Science Center (WZB)

The library and scientific information service of the Berlin Social Science Center (WZB) is a core service facility for scholars at our institute. Its work aims to supply information needed for research quickly, efficiently and according to researchers’ needs.
The guiding principle of our library and scientific information department is its strict orientation toward the WZB’s researchers’ requirements for information. This finds its expression in a work structure that assigns a library specialist to each WZB research area. This specialist is the library contact partner for all WZB scholars working in that area. This approach ensures an optimal supply of information to the various groups and research areas on the basis of direct, personal relationships with the library’s users.
The library’s collection focuses on the social sciences and economics. Extensive services complement and facilitate access to our numerous printed and electronic sources of information.
The library is also open to external users following advance notice.
Find out more about the WZB’s library and scientific information service at: