The Library of the Topography of Terror Documentation Center

The Topography of Terror Documentation Center first opened its doors in Niederkirchnerstrasse 8 in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district on May 8, 2010. Since then it has been making available its foundation’s extensive educational service, ranging from exhibitions, lectures and seminars to its library and archive.
The foundation’s specialized academic library is housed in a generously sized space and open to the public as a free access library (Opening hours: Mo.-Fr. 10am – 5pm). It is a classic one-person library and assists the foundation in meeting its statutory goals. It collects literature on the main themes of exhibitions. For seminars held in the foundation for school and professional groups it serves as a workspace for in-depth research. It advises external users who come to the library with often personal questions concerning their families under the Nazi regime. And, for seminars in Berlin universities on the topic of National Socialism it provides introductions to library research.
The collection of the reference library consists of appx. 32,000 media items, 120 current and 100 completed periodicals (including electronic ones), various databases, e-books and microfiches. Its catalogue is available online at The library is a member of the Joint Library Association (GBV), and as of 2016 the Cooperative Library Association Berlin-Brandenburg (KOBV) as well. Its collection focuses on literature on the topics of the SS, Gestapo, and police during National Socialism; state and society in National Socialism; the persecution and destruction of the Jews of Europe and other targeted groups; the Second World War; judicial review of Nazi crimes; and memorial and remembrance culture.
In 1998 the libraries of the Topography of Terror Foundation and House of the Wannsee Conference (Berlin) Memorial Site founded the Working Community of Memorial Site Libraries (AGGB), in which some 50 institutions now participate. The objective of the AGGB is to support the work of the very diverse libraries of memorial sites, documentation centers and related facilities and promote cooperation among them. A tangible product of the AGGB is its joint library catalogue (, which is maintained at the German Resistance Memorial Center in Berlin.
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